Paper Airplane is a one-stop solution for UAS inspection, assessment, and predictive maintenance service requirements across various industries 

Learn more below about Paper Airplane technology across various industries

Pipeline / Oil & Gas
Plan construction, monitor condition of equipment, map spill remediation, and calculate spills and runoff risk

Reduce risk, lower claims, eliminate litigation, support warranty claims and provide post damage change detection assessment

Electric Utility 
Transmission and distribution infrastructure inspection and geo-reference location of assets improves safety, reduces outages and lowers costs

Sensors gathering data from alternative energy generation like wind and solar increases output, maximizes returns, and lowers operating costs

Survey mine shafts or surface mines to assess erosion, shifts in land mass and identify exposure of harmful material left behind

Commercial & Industrial Real Estate
A full service solution for inspection and assessment of roof, building envelope, and pavement including change detection with annual inspections

Increase crop yields while lowering water usage, fertilizers, and pesticides through the use of UAS captured data and data analytics

Creating high resolution 3D orthomosaic point clouds of sport venues provide dimensionally accurate models of your favorite locations