Paper Airplane creates complete data solutions through inspection, assessment, and predictive maintenance that are as unique as your company

Paper Airplane is an Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) data analytics business utilizing sensors and proprietary algorithms to gather data from critical infrastructure to perform predictive maintenance. Post analysis deliverables include data driven management reports that assess the condition of critical assets to allocate capital spending on asset maintenance. Captured data can be stored and retrieved from a secure cloud-based facility for record keeping and comparison purposes. The client is provided a log-in and password for direct access their data.

Data gets richer the more samples sets acquired. Paper Airplane can compare and analyze those datasets and visually communicate the efficacy of a client’s assets. By demonstrating how a client’s assets are aging overtime allows the client to extend the life of that assets because now you can plan maintenance spending before a critical failure occurs.

Safety Procedures and Compliance

Paper Airplane complies with all OSHA and FAA safety requirements by implementing an extensive safety Manual. Each staff member is trained and certified on all equipment needed for safe and successful task completion.