Paper Airplane has a team of certified pilots that can be utilized on any project you have. We will also work with your existing team of pilots, where you can capture the data and upload it through our proprietary data management system for processing.

Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) are at the forefront of new technology. Paper Airplane combines this tool with engineering and survey experience to produce design grade products efficiently, safely and with minimal surface impact. During the planning stage of a project, Paper Airplane minimizes the need for traditional survey teams to hike through arduous terrain for multiple proposed routes. Paper Airplane’s Aerial Survey produces tens of millions of survey-grade points with an accuracy of down to 5 centimeters, eliminating the need to interpolate between traditional 10 to 20-meter spacing.

Once acquired, the data is exploited into client-specified deliverables that use our multi-faceted imagery platforms (RGB, IR, NIR) to generate both traditional and cutting-edge products to display data meaningfully in a geospacial environment. Elevation Contour Lines are available down to 1-inch spacing with display labels that provide project elevations in any measurement system. These topographical maps give an up-to-date representation of an area and serve a variety of purposes. All of this data is compatible with all standard GIS and Design programs (CAD, ArcGis, etc.).