Proprietary Technology

Paper Airplane is leading the way in the application of combining remote sensor operations with proprietary algorithms. Operations that are hazardous to personnel and equipment can be “assigned” to drones, reducing risk and cost. Utilizing HACL algorithms and other proprietary data-based approaches to measure, understand, and mitigate factors that affect the safe operation of equipment, assets and infrastructure is a key outcome of these projects.

“What isn’t measured can’t be managed”

It is fact that regularly conducted systematic inspection and maintenance improves reliability and lowers operating cost. It also enhances knowledge of the operational condition of the system and ultimately, enhances reliability and safety. Cost and risk management are essential to efficient operations – the old saying holds true: “What isn’t measured can’t be managed.” This approach will support:

Heightened understanding (Situational Awareness) of asset condition

Better data on as-built condition of assets and installation

Better data on environmental factors affecting reliability and service life of the assets

More efficient/timely inspection of assets by support personnel

Fewer service disruptions caused by untimely asset failure

Cost savings through better predictive failure driven maintenance schedules and utilization of maintenance crew

Better communications customer support and SLA adherence