About Paper Airplane  

Imagine if you could truly experience a sports venue without having to do an onsite visit. What if all your questions, including specifics on the venue’s space types, amenities and parking, could be answered in a matter of minutes? Paper Airplane, a leader in the use of Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS), delivers this digital solution by creating accurately measurable, 3-dimensional models (not videos) of sports facilities that allow tournament planners to view, rotate, zoom, measure, lay out and plan their tournament or event by optimizing facilities for their use. These are easy-to-use, interactive venue models that will streamline the entire sporting event planning process.  

A post-pandemic world will only heighten the need for this software, as it allows sporting event organizers to plan their event and its intricate details without having to make a trip. Playeasy has partnered with Paper Airplane to deliver this solution across the platform and continue enhancing business in the sports tourism industry.  

Solving a Need  

One of the biggest challenges tournament planners face is how to optimize facility space. Evaluating how many fields can fit in a specific area, where to put the food trucks, where to place the apparel tents and where Team tents should be organized create challenges when choosing a facility. The ability for event tournament planners to view, zoom, measure and layout tournaments with accurately measurable, 3-Dimensional model improves the overall experience for participants, optimizes available space and lowers costs – all without having to travel for an onsite visit before an event. “Our solution-oriented approach to simplifying complex issues, by combining the latest technologies, allows us to assist clients to lower costs, increase return on investment and maximize the client experience,” says Michael Andrews, CEO at Paper Airplane.  

How does it work?  

Paper Airplane’s solution is not a video or static images that can simply be viewed. These are measurable 3-D models that empower event planners to perform all the assessment and layout necessary, without having to travel to the actual venue location. Paper Airplane services Destinations to help them better market their venues with a one-time charge depending on the number and size of venues they’d like modeled. The Paper Airplane team does the aerial flight and annotation, your Destination can choose to adapt the look and feel of the model, and the final model will be uploaded on Playeasy. Paper Airplane offers attentive and hands-on service and will work with all clients on any specific needs. 

Playeasy x Paper Airplane  

Playeasy and Paper Airplane will integrate to provide an innovative event planning solution to the sporting event & tourism industry, making it easier than ever to plan your sports event. This partnership simplifies event site selection and optimizes event layout, providing more value and data to organizers and improving participant experience. On Playeasy Destination profiles, Paper Airplane will allow interested Event Organizers to experience your venues like never before. With Paper Airplane, Event Organizers can access venues’ exact specifications in minutes by easily interacting with the Paper Airplane model.  

“We are excited to announce this partnership between Playeasy and Paper Airplane as both companies digitally transform the event industry. At Playeasy, we have created the platform for Destinations across the nation to market, network, and grow their business all in one place intentionally built for the sporting event industry. Integrating Paper Airplane’s capabilities will allow Playeasy users to simplify and optimize their venue marketing with these immersive 3D models.” – Sean Flaherty, CEO at Playeasy.  

How to Enhance your Playeasy Profile with Paper Airplane  

Adding Paper Airplane to your Playeasy Destination profile will keep visitors on your Venue pages for longer amounts of time as they explore these interactive models. Learn more about their offering on their Playeasy profile here, or head to their website here. For inquiries, message Michael Andrews, CEO at Paper Airplane through their Playeasy profile

Written By: Brenna Collins, Content Creation Manager at Playeasy


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